QBIC Air Blade Hand Dryer Review

Air Blade Hand Dryers
  • Fast-drying speed of 12 to 15 seconds
  • The cost-effective solution of paper towels- Only 54p per 1,000 dries
  • Sleek and Sophisticated design – visually more tempting than other hand dryers
  • Manufactured by EU
  • Quieter than the Airblade- at only 75dB

If you want a hand dryer at an effective cost but superb quality, you should go with the QBIC Air Blade Hand Dryer.

It is a ‘blade’ form eco hand dryer. It is a low-cost alternative to hand dryers like the leading brands Jet Towel, Dyson Airblade, and the Dataflow.

The ultra-modern chic design of the QBIC Jet hand dryer sets your washroom perfectly. It is superb for high-status hotels, offices, and bars. Still, the structure of the QBIC Jet Blade is not as sturdy as the Airblade, due to this it is not recommended for the areas where the risk of misuses is high.


In this hand dryer, a powerful dual motor (with 32,000 rpm) produces an appropriate air force. It has a high airspeed of 83 m/s. however, this is lower than that of the Airblade. The existing drying time is 5 seconds more than the Airblade.

Energy Efficiency

In comparison to other commercial hand dryers, QBIC Jet Blade is more eco-friendly. But the energy efficiency is not as good as the Airblade. The Power rated at 1.7kw, it consumes 7.8 watts per dry. QBIC Jet Blade is ROHS approved, which means all of its parts are recyclable through its whole life span.


It comes with a 2-year warranty


The hand dryer is designed suitably so that users can easily access and clean their filters. The QBIC Jet Blade is based on HEPA Filter Technology, which gives anti-bacterial features. By its testing, it is approved that it prevents 99.9% of airborne bacteria from entering into the device.


QBIC hand dryers lessen the drying time by around half and by 75% with other commercial hand dryers. It prevents the buildup of bacteria and germs that is encouraged by the warm air which is used in traditional dryers. These hand dryers are more energy-efficient because they avoid the heating element of other dryers.

User Friendly

The QBIC Jet Blade is a user-friendly device. Which provides comfort and ease to its users. The entry point is angled towards the user, which considers it ideal of the small children and wheelchair or disabled users.

So, leave the conventional method of drying hand and include the modern and latest technology of hand drying in your washroom accessories to illustrate that your system doesn’t compromise with the clients and public needs.

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