Dyson Airblade AB14 Hand Dryer Grey/Silver

Dyson Airblade
  • Approved by NSF and HACCP International, based on high-grade HEPA Filter
  • The fastest hand dryer on the market
  • The manufacturer stated: drying time of 10 seconds, so users can save their time in the washroom and manage their busy periods.
  • Rated Energy Efficiency: 1.6 kW/ 4.89 Wh per dry
  • 96% cheaper than paper towels, 59p/1000 dries
  • Guarantee: 5 years
  • Usable for the extreme traffic areas with Long-lasting digital motor


The Dyson Airblade AB14 hand dryer in Grey/silver color looks very attractive, which is made from tough and sturdy ABS polycarbonate. It is the third generation version of this revolutionary hand dryer. The total time taken in the manufacturing of this Dyson digital motor V4 was  7 years. This digital motor V4 is one of the smallest and completely unified 1600w motors all across the world. Every second, With its HEPA filter technology, and the powerful motor it can force up to 35 liters of air. And setting up 690 km/h surface of air that provides a quick and hygienic process of drying hands.

It has been restructured to provide good performance by reducing the sound output of the original Dyson Airblade model by 50% means (5dBA). It is tested by the National Sanitation Foundation’s Protocol P335 (NSF P335).

Dyson Airblade Hand dryers emit 79% less CO2 than other hand dryers. It’s a whole package in one device, considered as the fastest hand drying product on the market. It has excellent anti-vandal properties, quick dry times, and outstanding reliability.


Dyson Airblade AB14 is an effective hand dryer for the high-level traffic areas (500+ users per day), so you can install it at Airports, Sports Stadiums, Public Attractions, Museum, and other high crowded areas.

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