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Airforce Hand Dryers

The Warner Howard Airforce Hand Dryer in white color is the most popular in all of its 4 colors.

According to the UK market data, the Airforce Eco Hand Dryer is usually the most installed in offices, Shopping Malls, School colleges, and other public places. These hand dryers appeared on the market as one of the first fast, high speed, low energy-efficient hand dryers. The compact design, lightweight, stylish complement as well as 3 years on-site guarantee, make it the first choice of clients. There are many other faster drying and more powerful hand dryers are available all across the UK market, but the customers want to install it in their offices and other traffic places because it has 11 multiple air outlets which create a strong flow of air.

Manufactured by the most prestigious and very well ingrained world Dryer, the executing quality of this hand dryer doesn’t need any explanation. Mostly it is usable for the average traffic locations or low traffic locations. It provides moderate longevity, high energy efficiency, and sufficient drying time. There is a four-color option of these hand dryers, according to your color, styling, and décor of your bathroom, you can choose any one of them which suits perfectly. If you are in confusion, which hand dryers you should install in your washroom, then you can buy it, this is a familiar product and it won’t disappoint you.



According to the Manufacturer given data, It takes a dry time of 12-15 seconds


79 dbA stated by its manufacturer

Energy Efficiency

The Airforce hand dryer consumes 3.66 watts per dry. The high-speed fan with a low power consumption of this hand dryer gives it a good rating. The Airforce comes under the UK government’s tax relief scheme for manufacturing energy-efficient devices.


The Airforce is very good hand dryers in the aspect of hygiene level. It uses a filter that restricts un-hygienic substances from entering into the device. It also keeps a SterilTouch anti-bacterial surface finish to set aside harmful bacterial growth. It has a touchless sensor that prevents cross-contamination and spreading of COVID-19 like viruses.

Product Longevity

The Airforce hand dryers use a universal brush motor, it is not as durable as digital brushless motors and requires replacement over time.


The Airforce hand dryers are the light in weight and a compact design that makes it installation easier.


3 years on-site guarantee

Vandal Resistance

This hand dryer comes with a steel case, backplate, and anti-tamper screws to prevent the effortless elimination of its cover, Despite these features, this is commonly not an easy device to vandalize.

User Friendliness

It is easily accessible to wheelchair users and small children. It has multiple air outlets that allow for a wider range of hand positions.


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