QBIC Eco Hand Dryer Polished Chrome Aluminium

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If you are looking for a hand dryer at the middle price range then “QBIC Eco Hand Dryer Polished Chrome” is an excellent one that provides great features in your budget. In each aspect, it proves itself great such as attractive design, high speed, energy-efficient and provides fast dry time. Despite a High-Speed hand dryer, it does not produce an unbearable and high level of noise. QBIC Eco is relevant for low traffic washrooms like hotels, bars, and restaurants.


10-12 seconds of drying speed (by Manufacturer)

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of this Qbic model depends on its using mode (heated or unheated). On the heated mode, its rated power is 1.25kw and on the unheated mode, it is 0.5kw, proven by the manufacturer. After calculating its energy efficiency consumption, it is noted that, based on the change in enforcement and heater element mode, the Qbic Eco use up between 3.5 and 7 watts for each dry.


The customers who want a stylish and decent product for their washrooms but they don’t have the sufficient budget to buy any expensive hand dryers, They can buy it, modern and stylish design and available at a great price and perfect for low traffic washrooms.


Qbic Eco has built-in ionizer features as well as provides an effective drying of your hand with or without heat. But this hand dryer is suitable for the normal handwashing activity, at the health care places or food-related places like restaurants and other food courts, it is very necessary to select high-quality hand dryers which provide complete protection and hygiene.

Product Longevity

QBIC Eco uses a universal brush motor for drying hands, Manufacturer states that it lasts after working approx. 550 hours or 94,285 dryings round continuously. Over a time you will have to replace its motor.


The installation process is very easy due to its compact size, All the hand dryers need an appropriate weld drive for installation.

Vandal Resistance

It is a compact and durable aluminum device, it’s design frame doesn’t permit vandalism to hold it tightly and cross it from the wall.

User Friendliness

QBIC ECO Hand Dryer Polished Chrome is the all-in-one package, not recommended for the high traffic areas, But provides all the essential features such as fast drying speed, low noise level, Hygiene, and energy efficiency. At an affordable price, high-speed hand dryers are far better than traditional warm air hand dryers.


Comes with a guarantee of 2 years

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