Freedom Classic Plus M2 High Speed Hand Dryers

High Speed Hand Dryers

The Freedom Classic Plus Mark II is the latest high speed hand dryer version of its first edition which stands on a modern and compact design. The features of this hand dryer are almost the same as its first edition. But the best part of this hand dryer is its “size” which is suitable for the smaller washrooms also and delivers energy efficiency, superb and fast drying times.

If we think about the speed, then many others faster hand dryers are available in the market, but the unique feature in it that it’s an overall package, which gives you all the benefits like other dryers as well as it is perfect for a range of low to extreme traffic areas (more than 500 users per day). So, you don’t have to much worry about the range, you can go for this Freedom Classic Plus M2 Brushed Chrome for the low traffic areas and high traffic areas both.


According to the manufacturer, it takes a dry time of 15 seconds. Which is a couple of seconds more than other hand dryers.


 The Noise Level is stated by the manufacturer 72 dB (A)


It is usable for high traffic usage and low traffic usage washrooms over 500+ uses per day. You can install it in your small bathroom or a big bathroom both.

Energy Efficiency

The rated power is 1.4kW, stated by Manufacturer. It takes approx. 5.83 watts per dry.


There are not any other additional improved hygiene-related features except touchless operation. But the touchless option is very useful for this COVID-19 Pandemic. It reduces the possibility of coronavirus by its no-touch feature.

Product Durability

The Freedom Classic M2 uses a universal brush motor that has a proven motor life of 3,400,00 drying round or 17,000 extended hours. And the brushes are expected to work for at least 6,500 hours continuously or 1,300,000 drying rounds.


This Freedom Classic Mark II is a compact in size, so its installation is hassle-free.

Vandal Resistance

It is a vandal resistance and vigorous hand dryer, so it’s a good choice because there is the possibility of vandalism is rare.


Recommended for medium uses like Small Space Washrooms, Bars, Cinema/Theatre, Gym, Hotel, Office, Restaurant, University, Colleges, Schools

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