UltraDry Commercial Hand Dryers

commercial hand dryer

If you want a hand dryer that is elegant and stylish and usable for low to medium traffic areas, you should take a look at UltraDry Commercial Hand Dryers in white color,  The charm of white and the modern stylish look is very eye catching. Its outer shell is curvaceous from the front and has a sturdy vandal-resistant non-erosive and aluminum and epoxy finish.

With its elegant look, it also provides all the features such as energy efficiency, fast-drying, low-noise level, easy to install, durability, and user friendly.

What are the benefits of UltraDry Commercial Hand Dryer

  • It is a very cost-effective hand dryer and it consumes low power of electricity, so it will reduce your electricity bill.
  • This is a fast hand dryer and performs hand drying function very quickly, so you don’t need to wait for long in the washroom.
  • UltraDry Commercial hand dryers have high airflow efficiency which keeps it hygienically safe and clean and free from germs, viruses, and bacteria.
  • This is a fully automatic device, here is not an option of touching, So it is also free from any type of contagious disease like COVID 19.
  • UltraDry is a long-lasting and reliable hand dryer. So, you don’t need to worry about the changing process over time. Just install it and enjoy its services.

How You Can Choose the Best Hand Dryer?

After using washrooms, how you can dry your hands, the answer is only one that is ‘paper towels’. But now the time has changed, paper towels are not the perfect solution for maintaining hygiene.  because you face pollutions, dirt, and germs all around you.

You should have to try the latest technology for drying your hands. That’s the electric hand dryers, they are cost-effective and eco-friendly products.

But how you can choose the best hand dryer is a concern, here are a lot of things to consider before purchasing the best one.


The first and the foremost thing which comes to buy anything is the Price. Because the price range of hand dryers may vary (100-1000)$ so far. If you want to buy for commercial purposes, we suggest you invest in the best one. Because it’s a one-time investment to save the cost of extra energy efficiency.

Power and Speed

The power and speed depend on each other. But, it doesn’t designate that high-speed hand dryers required more electrical power. Hand dryers can run at high speeds with a lower cost of electrical energy.

There are mostly two types of hand dryers are available in the market, one is general and the other one is high powered. And it varies from 10s to 45s. So, it’s better to invest (10-15)s, high-speed dryer.


If you are buying the hand dryer for commercial uses and you need a high-speed dryer then you should neglect the Noise level. There are only some brands that may provide a high powered with low noise level hand dryer.


Hygiene should be the first preference when we think of buying any hand dryers. If you are buying it for any high traffic washrooms, then the spreading of germs and viruses will be more than your expectations. So, an automatic and touchless electric hand dryer will be the right option for you.


If you are looking for any commercial purposes either in low traffic areas or in high traffic areas, always consider the most durable hand dryers.

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