Why you should invest in Dyson Airblade AB14 Hand Dryers?

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The Dyson Airblade AB14 is well known as the best and fast hand dryer on the world market. Still, users have confusion that does it works and fulfill their needs or they should invest in it or not? So, for ending up their confusion, we will discuss the reasons why you should invest in Dyson Airblade Hand Dryers.

  • Quick or Fast Hand Drying

Dyson Airblade AB14 offers the quickest and fastest hand drying time, we have experienced different hand dryers from the different leading brands of UK like Airforce, G-force, Xlerator, Mitusbishi, D-Flow, Jet towel, Savortex, Turboforce and many more but the Dyson Airblade AB14 came out the fastest one among them. It has only taken 10 to 12 seconds for making our hands’ moisture-free.

  • Innovative Design and Creativity

There are many other Airblade hand dryers ranges from different brands are available on the UK market, but then there is no match of Dyson Airblade AB14, it is known for its modern and creative design, it is available in White or Grey and have an ABS polycarbonate outer covering. It looks cool and elegant and perfect for your modern washrooms.

  • Quieter in Noise

If you are looking for a hand dryer for your offices, workplaces or any other areas where loud noise is a concern, you can go for the Dyson Airblade AB14 hand dryers, they are 80% quieter than the original Dyson Airblade.

  • Eco-Friendly

The Dyson Airblade AB14 Hand Dryers are more eco-friendly than the other hand dryers and paper towels. It is only 1.6kw power rated, consumes quite a small amount of energy, and only use 4.4 to 6 watts per dry.

  • Maintain Proper Hygiene

The Dyson Ariblade AB14 hand dryers use HEPA filter technology and claim to kill 99.9% germs and air bourn bacteria and also provides anti-bacterial ABS surface for preventing spreading of germs.  It is also NSF approved.

  • Vandal Resistant and Long-Lasting

it also offers vandal-resistant properties, which makes it safe to use. And the Airblade AB14 dB is made up of robust ABS material, which provides durability.

  • Digital Brushless Motor

Dyson Airblade AB14 uses a digital brushless motor, which is more long-lasting than the traditional brush motors. It is suitable for high-traffic areas washrooms like airports, shopping malls, multiplexes, restaurants, hotels, and many more.

These are some basic qualities of Dyson Airblade AB14 hand dryers which make it a good investment. So, if you want to experience more, you can go for this.

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