QBIC Junior Cheap Hand Dryers

Cheap Hand Dryers

QBIC Junior Cheap Hand Dryers in White color is an eye-catching hand dryer. The customers who want an elegant, high speed, energy-efficient and budget-friendly hand dryer for their hotels, offices, colleges and any traffic areas, they can buy it. Its small size makes it suitable for all compact spaces such as restaurant toilets and other small washrooms. The QBIC junior is based on EU Model, which has all the features like high-speed airflow, low energy consumption, and at a great price.


QBIC Junior is available in a very compact size but its speed is opposite to its size. The drying performance of this small hand dryer is too good, it gives both the high-speed airflow and heat, which means you will not have to wait for a long for drying your hands, it takes a dry time of only 15 seconds, declared by the manufacturer.


It has a low noise level (70 dbA stated by Manufacturer)


QBIC Junior Hand dryer is recommendable for low traffic washrooms (100 uses per day)

Energy Efficiency

It consumes only 3.75 watts per dry. For each drying cycle, Qbic junior cost approx 0.045p to 0.06p, this consuming data cost is built on a 12p per kW of electricity unit rate.


It has not any advanced hygiene features except touchless operation. But the non-touch option also helps in maintaining proper hygiene because it prevents the spreading of any viruses, germs, and bacteria, which comes through contact with people.

Product Durability

QBIC Junior uses a universal brush motor which is not as sturdy as Digital brushless motors, so, over time, you will have to change its motor.


The QBIC Junior is the smallest in size and light in weight, so you will not have to face any type of difficulties in the installation process.

Vandal Resistance

Having a compact design, it is sturdy, vandalism is considerable.

User Friendly

Since QBIC Junior is compact in design, it takes little space, so you can easily install it in your small bathroom. It is also good for wheelchair persons. Being a high-velocity dryer, its noise level is somewhat low. The cost is also lower than other hand dryers, so it is perfect for those users who want a high-speed hand dryer at an effective cost.

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