Hand Dryer Review 2020- Mitsubishi Jet Towel Heated Blade Eco Hand Dryer

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Mitsubishi Jet Towel

Energy Efficiency- High Energy efficiency with an adjustable power rating of 0.5kW-1.24kW

Noise-It is proved by independent testing, 50% quieter than the New Dyson Airblade

Speed- Manufacturer stated quick dry time of 9-11 seconds

Hygiene- Make sure a clean and sanitary washroom, fabulous drainage system, lessen the risk of wet floors and dropping down

Product longevity- Superb product life

Design- User-friendly design, makes cleaning the internal water tank and pipe easier and easily accessible for small children and wheelchair users

Reassuring Warranty- Three Years Parts and labor

The Mitsubishi Jet Towel Heated Blade Eco Hand Dryer is the 9th generation model and heated version of the Mitsubishi Jet Towel Hand dryer. It has to be in production for 20 years. This hand dryer is based on premier blade hand dryer features and known for its outstanding performance, such as fast dry time, quiet and energy-efficient. This heated version of the Mitsubishi Jet Towel has a rated power of just 0.55kW to 1.24kW and a dry time of from 9 to 11 seconds, stated by the manufacturer.


Recommended for all types (Low, Medium, and High traffic) washrooms.


The manufacturer stated a dry time of 9-11 seconds

Energy Efficiency

The Mitsubishi Jet Towel is strongly occupying beside the topmost energy-efficient blade hand dryers across the world. By testing, it is approved that working on its low energy setting (550w), the unit consumes only 2.29 watts per dry. The jet mode has an energy setting of 1.2kW and consumes just only 3.79 watts per dry. In comparison to the Dyson Airblade, which includes a 1.6kW power rating, consumes 4.44 w to 5.2w per dry, Jet Towel is far better. This hand dryer is Greenspec listed and also included on the ECA approved list (UK government scheme) due to the lesser emission of co2, 0.2kg per day (on 200 uses).


The noise level stated by manufacturer 56-59 dba @ 1 Metre

The improved version of the Jet Towel includes a Wave Nozzle 2.0 which lessens the noise level of the previous one by 2dB without compromising any of its outstanding features and performance.


The hygienic properties of this 9th version of Jet Towel are better than the previous one. It has anti-bacterial rosin not only on its hand drying areas but also on all surfaces.

Product Durability

Brushless and High-efficiency DC motor, which provides a motor life of over seven years of use @ 400 uses per day.


Installation is slightly complex, Requires a suitable fused spur for installation

Vandal Resistance

Not recommended this hand dryer in washrooms reclining to high levels of wreckage.

User Friendly

The best part of this Jet Towel eco hand dryer has been designed to make it easily usable especially by wheelchair users and small children. It has an additional sensor feature and the upper front panel has been lowered for making it accessible for young children and disabled users.


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