Top 10 Hand Dryer in UK Market


Are you looking for an electric hand dryer but feel a little confused about the varieties of options available, here are a number of our top best 10 hand dryers in 2020.

 Do you need a hand dryer for the hygiene aspects or a quiet hand dryer that doesn’t emit loud and unbearable noise? Should it be an energy-efficient or anything else? All the best hand dryer in each category is discussed in this article.

List of Our Best Hand Dryers to Buy in 2020

  • Eclipse V Dry Hand Dryer Brushed Satin

Eclipse V Dry Hand Dryer Brushed Satin works on high-speed jets for the fast hand drying process. It also gives you the turned on or off options. When you do not need the heater, you can be switched off to save energy.

  • Dyson Airblade V Hand Dryer Nickel

This is an ultra-high-speed dryer with slimline design to deliver a fast dry through a V-shaped blade of air. It is highly recommendable for high usage washrooms with over 300 uses per day like big shopping complexes, Shopping Malls, and others.

  • QBIC jet Blade Hand Dryer White

It is a low-cost alternative to dryers like the Jet Towel, Dyson Airblade, and the Dual flow. This is a “blade” style hand dryer based on ultra-modern chic design. This electric hand dryer is perfect for high-status offices, hotels, and bars but it is not recommended for those places where the risk of misusing is high.

  • Freedom Classic Plus M2 Brushed Chrome

The Freedom Classic Plus M2 Brushed Chrome’s features are almost the same to its first edition but it is based on a modern and compact design. If you are searching for a hand dryer for your small bathroom, you can go for it.

  • Airforce Eco Hand Dryer White

Airforce Hand dryers, manufactured by USA based World dryer are high speed, ultra-compact, low-energy efficient, and sleek in style. Highly recommended for high traffic areas or public washrooms. It is one of the most popular hand dryer models in the UK.

It is a reliable, high-quality robust hand and face dryer ideal for use in low to medium traffic areas particularly schools, general commercial settings, and leisure centers. It is operated by infra-red sensor activation, drying hand, or face only in 23 seconds.

  • QBIC Junior Hand Dryer White

The QBIC Junior is an EU made model, which is based on low energy consumption and high-velocity airflow. It’s a high speed, energy-efficient, and budges friendly hand dryer.

  • Dyson Airblade AB14 Hand Dryer Grey/Silver

It is highly recommended hand dryers for office environments, certified by the NSF, approved by HACCP, and Carries the Carbon Reduction Label from the Carbon Trust.

  • QBIC Eco Hand Dryer Polished Chrome Aluminum

It’s an eco hand dryer at a good price for low traffic washrooms that need a good-looking hand dryer. The QBIC Eco is a high speed, energy-efficient, and delivers a fast dry time.

  • Mitsubishi Jet Towel Heated Blade Eco Hand Dryer

Mitsubishi Jet Towel is a fast and hygienic hand dryer. It’s a quiet, energy-efficient, and a speedy dryer. This is the heated version of the Jet Towel, the power rating is from o.55kW to 1.24kW and the manufacturer mentioned the dry time of between 9-11 seconds.

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