Eclipse V Dry Electric Hand Dryers Review 2020

Electric Hand Dryers

Electric Hand dryers are very essential for today’s modern commercial washrooms and a low-cost alternative of paper towels which can save dollars you spend on buying that. The other important thing is, it prevents the process of cutting down trees for producing paper towels. If you use this modern technology, you can save 15 billion trees per year, which is very crucial for a pure and clean atmosphere.

So, for saving your extra expenses on the paper towel and cutting down the trees, we have got one of the best automatic hand dryers for your office, hotel, school, or any other businesses, Eclipse V Dry Hand Dryer is one of the best and fast hand dryer solution.

The Eclipse V Dry Hand Dryer Brushed Satin works on a series of high-speed jets for fast hand drying in just 8-10 seconds. In this hand dryer, you have the option to turn on or off the heater element. This is perfect for temperature adjustment, if your surrounding air temperature is low and you want the ease of warm air, you can use it. when you don’t have to need the heater, you can switch it off to save the energy and money both.

What are the benefits of Eclipse V Dry Electric Hand Dryers ?

  • This is a very cost-effective hand dryer. It keeps your bill low by consuming little electricity.
  • It’s a fast hand dryer and dries your hands very quickly means only a couple of seconds. So, this will save you time and you don’t have to wait long for drying your hands.
  • This hand dryer has on/off Heater Switch so when you are not using, you can turn off its heater element. So, It is an energy-efficient device, so you don’t need to worry about the more electricity bill.
  • Eclipse V Dry Hand Dryer is a hand dryer having high airflow which keeps it clean. So this is completely virus, germs, and bacteria-free.
  • This dryer is a long-time investment, it is reliable and durable. So, you don’t need to change and invest money from time to time. just Install this dryer in your offices, hotels, or any other area and enjoy it.


Dry time of 10-15 seconds, stated by Manufacturer


Highly Recommended for Medium traffic washrooms


Based on infrared sensors, no-touch activation does not come up with any upgrade hygiene qualities


70 dbA @ 1 Metre stated by the manufacturer

Energy Efficiency

It has an adjustable power rating of 500-130 watts

Vandal Resistance

Steel Front Cover with Brushed Satin Finish


The easy installation process, with no additional remuneration. It requires a suitable fused stimulus for installation

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